Company Members



Bella Dvali

Paige McFarlain

Madeleine Nytes

Corps de Ballet

Victoria Castillo

Abbey Cushing

Sasha D'Antonio

Annie Gimenez

Ella Jaasma

Addison Koval

Matheson Malpass

Nashia Mead

Julia Miller

Sadie Murillo

Jackie Quinones

Taylor Tran

Hannah Young


Audrey Huston



Our 2012 Nutcracker production's "Party Scene" featuring Landon Gimenez (star of ABC's new Spring 2014 series, Resurrection) as Fritz and Karl Reiter as Grandpa.

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Monday November 24th. and Tuesday November 25th.

6:00 - 8:00 Pas de deux with Adrian, Plus Clara and Mouse Queen

Friday November 28th. 

Dress Rehearsal at Stafford Centre. Call Time: 5:00 p.m. Entire Cast.

Please arrive with hair in slick bun and make up already done.


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